2018 Advanced Research Workshop

Future Trends in Microelectronics: Vingt Ans Après
June 10-16, 2018:  Sardinia, Italy

Continuing the tradition started in 1995, our Workshop aims to provide forum for a free-spirited exchange of views among the leading professionals in Industry, Academia, and Government
To relive the PAST and keep up with the FUTURE Workshops click here  FTM

History: download  FTM-I   (Bendor, 1995)
download  FTM-II  (Embiez, 1998)
download  FTM-III (Bendor, 2001)
download  FTM-IV  (Corsica, 2003)
download  FTM-V   (Crete, 2006)

download  FTM-VI  (Sardinia, 2009)
download  FTM-VII (Corsica, 2012)
download  FTM-VIII(Mallorca, 2015)
Scope: download  Philosophy & Topics
Rules and Format: download  Format
Agenda: download  Program
download  Accepted Abstracts
Workshop is by invitation only
Would you like to be invited? download  How to contact us
To register: download  Registration Form (same form in pdf)

Jan 15  abstract (but asap is requested)
Feb  1  register (but asap is suggested)
Feb  1  abstract ("really")
Jun 15  manuscript (at the conference, "firm")
Aug  1  manuscript ("really")
How to get there: download  Travel Information
How to reach attendees during the workshop: download  Contact during the workshop
note that we plan a wider than usual distribution of the Proceedings, but submit your manuscript early!
Some of the FTM mafia has penetrated the Editorial Board of Solid State Electronics
Special issue is planned for FTM, hence more rigid deadline for manuscript submission
Past publications
Future Trends in Microelectronics:
Journey into the Unknown (2016)
Frontiers and Innovations (2013)
From Nanophotonics to Sensors to Energy (2010)
Up the Nano Creek (2007)
The Nano, the Giga, and the Ultra
The Nano Millennium (2002)
The Road Ahead (1999)
Reflections on the Road to Nanotechnology (1996)
Press coverage: download 
Principals: download  Participants
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