2018 Advanced Research Workshop

Future Trends in Microelectronics: Vingt Ans Après
June 10-16, 2018:  Sardinia, Italy

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Accepted Abstracts (as of April 22, 2018)

Dr Gustavo Ardila, "Surface traps: A key ingredient in the performance of semiconducting piezoelectric materials"
Dr Francis Balestra, "Challenges for high performance and very low power operation at the end of the Roadmap"
Dr Vadim Banine, "Lithography for now and for the future"
Dr Mihai Banu, "It's analog … and it's digital … and it's better than digital!"
Dr David Borton, "Responsive neuromodulation for a dynamic and distributed mental state"
Dr Enrique Calleja, "III-nitride nanostructures: Fundamentals and applications"
Dr Jean-Pierre Colinge, "Nanowire transistors"
Dr Sorin Cristoloveanu, "The concept of electrostatic doping and related devices"
Dr Danilo DeMarchi, "Quality-energy trade-off in bio-inspired electronic systems"
Mr Nils von den Driesch, "Epitaxy of Si-Ge-Sn-based heterostructures for CMOS-compatible light emitters"
Dr Michel Dyakonov, "When will we have a quantum computer?"
Dr Lorenzo Faraone, "Mobility spectrum analysis of carrier transport in semiconductors: Is it necessary and who cares?"
Dr Newton Frateschi, "Resonant amplification via Er-doped clad silicon photonic molecules"
Dr Paolo Gargini, "How to successfully manage and overcome inflection points"
Dr Michael Gouzman, "Monitoring large-scale power distribution grids"
Dr Detlev Grützmacher, "Exploiting topological matter for Majorana physics and devices"
Dr. Ewelina Hankiewicz, "Testing topological protection of edge states in bismuthene on SiC: New room-temperature quantum spin-Hall system"
Dr Pawel Hawrylak, "Electronic structure, magneto-excitons and valley-polarized electron gas in 2D crystals"
Mrs Sidan He, "Artificial intelligence on mobile devices"
Dr Young Min Jhon, "EUV lithography and actinic mask inspection"
Dr Aharon Kapitulnik, "High-resolution magneto-optic Kerr effect for spintronics applications"
Dr Yong Tae Kim, "Emerging memory technology for the Internet of Things"
Dr Sanjay Krishna, "Antimonide-based infrared detectors and focal plane arrays"
Dr Young Kuk, "Thin-film superconducting switching devices"
Dr Nikolay Ledentsov, "Room temperature yellow InGaAlP quantum dot laser"
Mr Nikolay Ledentsov, Jr., "Single mode quantum well and quantum dot 50 Gb/s VCSELs for hyperscale datacenter applications"
Ms Kyung-Hwa Lee, "Band-modulation devices for memory and sharp switching"
Dr Jung-Hee Lee, "GaN-based vertical nanowire transistor for logic application"

Dr Vladimir Mitin, "Interband multi-graphene-layer versus intersubband quantum well infrared photodetectors"
Dr Hooman Mohseni, "New methods for ultra-sensitive and fast short-wavelength infrared imaging"
Dr Djafar Mynbaev, "Plasmonic circuitry for future optical communications"

Dr Jean-Pierre Nozières, "Spin orbit torque MRAM: Another myth or a soon-to-be reality?"
Dr Alexander Palevski, "Possible observation of Berry phase in Aharonov-Bohm rings of InGaAs"
Dr. Lukasz Plucinski, "Band structure engineering in topological heterostructures"
Dr Victor Ryzhii, "Infrared and terahertz photodetectors based on van der Waals/graphene heterostructures: Can they be superior?"
Dr Enrico Sangiorgi, "Nanoelectronics roadmap for Europe: Identification and dissemination"
Dr Jurriaan Schmitz, "Silicon LEDs – device architecture, experiments, and applications"
Mr Peter Schüffelgen, "Fully in-situ fabrication of proposed Majorana devices"

Dr Siegfried Selberherr, "Spin-dependent trap-assisted tunneling: A path towards a single spin switch"
Dr Issai Shlimak, "Ion beam modification of monolayer graphene: Optical and electrical properties"
Dr Michael Shur
, "Wide bandgap technology: State-of-the-art and problems to solve
Dr Paul Solomon, "Will analog computing make a comeback in neuromorphic form?"
Dr Sameer Sonkusale, "Three-dimensional bioelectronics"
Dr Clivia Sotomayor Torres, "Phononics: Why is it important for information technologies?"
Dr John Suarez, "Sub-terahertz testing of millimeter wave monolithic and VLSI circuits"
Dr Viktor Sverdlov, "Two-pulse sub-ns switching of a perpendicular spin-orbit torque MRAM cell without external magnetic field"

Dr Igor Žutić, "Nanoelectronics with proximitized materials"

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