International Workshop on Future Trends in MicroElectronics: The Nano Millennium

June 25-29 (2001)

Ile de Bendor (France)
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 Program and Agenda
June 24
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Day 1
June 25
8:30  Serge Luryi:  Welcome
Morning Session: The CMOS Odyssey - Cyclops, Calipso, etc
Chairs: Hiroshi Iwai and Letitia Harrison
9:00 Simon Sze Four decades of developments in microelectronics: achievements and challenges
9:45 Paul Solomon Strategies at the end of CMOS scaling
10:30 - Break
10:45 Jos Benschop Trends in microlithography
11:30 James Burr Nanoscale energetics: the looming power crisis and how to avoid it
12:10 Arto Nurmikko The photonic alternative to microelectronic chips

Evening Panel, 18:00-20:00
Topic: End of the Odyssey? - Penelope and the bridegrooms
Kostya Likharev
Panelists include:  James Burr, Hiroshi Iwai, Trey Smith, Paul Solomon, Elias Towe

Day 2
June 26
Morning Session: Cunning tricks of the wicked mind - quantum computing, spintronics, and such
Chairs: Michel Voos and Tetsuhiko Ikegami
8:30 Eli Yablonovitch Electron spin resonance transistors for quantum communication and computing
9:10 Michel Dyakonov Quantum computing: View from enemy camp
9:50 Kostya Likharev Self-evolving neuromorphic networks based on nanoscale latching synapses
10:30 - Break
10:45 Allan MacDonald Semiconductor spintronics
11:25 Daniel Loss Spintronics and quantum computing in nanostructures
12:05 Jimmy Xu Nanotube Electronics - Potential, Reality, Critique

Evening Panel, 18:00-20:00
Topic Hype and Hope
Horst Stormer
Panelists include: Federico Capasso, Michel Dyakonov, Vladimir Goldman, Henk van Houten, Daniel Loss, Eli Yablonovitch

Day 3
June 27

Spouse Program:

Morning Session - The weird, the wiry, the fiery, and the wireless
Chairs: Elias Towe and Daniel Johnstone
8:30 Henk van Houten The evolution of optical data storage
9:10 Trey Smith Global culture on steroids
9:50 Tetsuhiko Ikegami Towards e-society via the Internet and mobile service
10:30 - Break
10:45 George Chik Optical Components Evolution/Revolution
11:25 Nikolai Ledentsov Long-wavelength quantum dot lasers: from promising to unbeatable
12:05 Isaac Lagnado Silicon beyond silicon: beginning of the end or end of the beginning

Poster Session
Chair: Francois Arnaud d'Avitaya
Levon Asryan Tunneling-injection quantum dot laser: ultrahigh temperature stability
Gregory Belenky Future trends in design of the high efficiency semiconductor lasers
Marc Cahay The use of rare -earth monosulfides to realize low or negative electron affinity cold cathodes
Enrique Calleja The promise of MBE-grown III-nitride devices
Sorin Cristoloveanu Future silicon-on-insulator MOSFETs: chopped or genetically modified?
Mikhail Dorojevets FLUX-1: the first superconductor 20-GHz 8-bit RSFQ microprocessor built in 1.75-µm Nb-trilayer technology
Newton Frateschi InGaAs/GaAs/InGaP quantum well microcavities with spatially controlled carrier injection
Ulf Gennser A Si-based infrared laser: obstacles and prospects
Vladimir Goldman Quantum computing with FQHE quasiparticles
Qing Hu Terahertz emitters based on intersubband transitions
Hiroshi Iwai Gate dielectrics for deep sub-0.1 µm CMOS
Daniel Johnstone Metacrystals: Opportunities and issues for future quantum devices
Mikhail Levinshtein The end of the 1/f noise
H.C. Liu Self-assembled InAs quantum dots for FIR/THz devices
James Lott Fabrication and assembly studies of III-V semiconductor microlaser Disks and actuators:  Toward optical nanoelectromechanical systems
Marco Mastrapasqua Measurements of low field mobility in ultra-thin SOI n- and p-MOSFETs
Junichi Murota Atomically precise control of heterointerfaces for high-performance SiGe-based heterodevices
Manijeh Razeghi "Quantum-dot-based III-nitrides for UV lasers"
Enrico Sangiorgi Tunneling current, impact ionization, and photon emission in MOSFETs
Siegfried Selberherr Current transport models for engineering applications
Michael Shur Solid state lighting
Abdelkader Souifi Electronic properties of silicon nanocrystals for memory applications
Claude Weisbuch Photonic crystals: from fancy to reality
Jimmy Xu Electronic Properties and Prospects of Engineered DNA
Alex Zaslavsky Motheye antireflection patterning of nonlinear optical crystals
Day 4
June 28
Morning Session: the other stuff: from wallpaper to outer space
Chairs: Elizabeth Kolawa and Claude Weisbuch
8:30 - William Tang MEMS program at DARPA: current thrust areas and future vision
9:10 Federico Capasso Where micro/nanomechanics and quantum electrodynamics meet: MEMS/NEMS based on Casimir-Lifshitz forces
9:50 Serge Luryi Electronics based on first-order metal-insulator transition
10:30 - Break
10:45 Leon Alkalai Future space explorations in the bio-nano millennium
11:25 Martin Green Photovoltaic solar cell technologies for the future
12:05 Michael Shur Wallpaper electronics

Evening Panel 18:00-20:00
Topic: New Vistas
Moderator: Federico Capasso
 Panelists include: Leon AlkalaiDan Johnstone, Nikolai Ledentsov, Kostya Likharev, Claude Weisbuch
Historic vote on the relative importance of fashionable directions Tallyman: Horst Stormer  (manual recount, helped by an ad hoc committee from Florida)

Conference Banquet

Day 5
June 29
Morning Session: Hot off the Press
Chair: Paul Jay
Extended Morning Invited Speaker Title of Presentation
8:30 Manijeh Razeghi Gated nanopillars for uncooled tunable infrared detectors
9:00 C.Y. Chang Terahertz lasing in SiGe devices
9:30 Michael Kelly Ultra-precise growth of tunnel barriers for low-cost devices
10:00 Gail Brown Nanoscale approaches for creating future infrared sensing materials
break, followed by ... RUMP (ad hoc) SESSION
selected posters, impromptu presentations, etc
Conference Closing


See you there!

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