Travel Information and Contact During the Workshop

2001 Advanced Research Workshop
Future Trends in Microelectronics: The Nano Millennium
June 25-29:  Ile de Bendor,  France

Travel Information

Arrival Day: The arrival day for the Workshop is Sunday, June 24. Registration will be available all day and there will be a welcome buffet reception in the evening (tentatively at 8 p.m.).  We will have a shuttle bus service to Ile de Bendor from Marseille airport on June 24 (see below, under Air).

Departure Day:The Workshop ends after lunch on Friday, June 29.  Again, a shuttle bus to Marseille airport will be provided.  In case only morning flights are available, we will have a number of rooms reserved on the Ile de Bendor for those who need to stay over Friday night.  Alternatively, a room can be reserved at the Marseille airport (or in Marseille itself) -- advise the local arrangements chair of your needs by sending e-mail to Francois Arnaud d'Avitaya at

Ferry: Ile de Bendor is reached by ferry from Bandol (5 minute ride, very frequent schedule).  The ferry cannot accommodate cars, which must be therefore parked on the mainland... In 1995 some of us did this without an incident, but please understand that the conference will take no responsibilty for the safety of cars left on the mainland. Other pitfalls one should be aware of include a casino in Bandol. Good luck!

Air: The closest international airports to Ile de Bendor is Marseille-Marignane (the Toulon/Hyeres airport shown on the map is a small airport that offers few connections). The airline companies with direct flights to Marseille include Air France (very frequent service to Paris), Sabena (Brussels), Alitalia (Milan), and British Airways (London-Gatwick), there are probably others.  There will be a private shuttle bus service from the Marseille airport to the island on arrival day, June 24, also stopping at the main Marseille (St Charles) train station if necessary. Please see the shuttle schedule.  The Nice airport is also a possibility, but it is somewhat further from the island and no shuttle bus service will be offered.

Train: There are frequent train connections to Bandol from both Marseille (St. Charles train station) and Nice (on arrival day, June 24, the shuttle from the Marseille airport to the island will also stop at the Marseille train station, when necessary --advise the local arrangements chair of your needs [send e-mail to Francois Arnaud d'Avitaya at]).  The ferry is a short, 5-10 minute taxi ride from the Bandol train station.

Auto: see map. No automobile traffic is permitted on the island... You may have to park you car at your risk on the mainland... Note that contrary to previously posted information the ferry from Bandol is  NOT  equipped to take cars over to Ile de Bendor...  click here to see the picture of the island. There is a covered and supposedly secure garage not far from the ferry in Bandol. It is called "Parking du 11 Novembre", the address is 133 rue Perrault, 83150 Bandol (next to the main Bandol post office).  Their telephone is 04-9432-2409 and they charge 48 FF/day or 250 FF/week.

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Contact during the Workshop

Dedicated phone/fax lines and e-mail have been set up to simplify contact between attendees and their home institutions.

E-mail to attendees can be sent to or (please specify the addressee in the "SUBJECT" line)... both addresses will be checked regularly

Faxes to attendees (24 hours a day) can be sent to +33-4-9429-9010

The workshop can be reached during working hours at either of the two numbers:

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