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Peng Zhang
SUNY Empire Innovation Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Stony Brook University

Affiliate Professor
Computer Science, Stony Brook University
Applied Mathematics & Statistics, Stony Brook University

Electric power grids are critical infrastructures for modern society. My research focuses on cyber-physical grid resilience including monitoring, detecting and mitigating cyber attacks, physical disturbances and extreme events on microgrids & networked microgrids, urban distribution grids, substations and bulk power networks. My research program is dedicated to enabling innovations for different layers of grid infrastructures that will transform today's power grids into tomorrow's autonomic networks and flexible services towards self-configuration, self-healing, self-optimization, and self-protection against grid changes, renewable power injections, faults, disastrous events and cyber-attacks.

Research areas

  • Quantum Grids (Quantum-Engineered Smart Grids).

  • AI-Enabled Smart Grids.

  • Energy Resilience.

  • Offshore Wind Energy.

  • Microgrids.

  • Networked Microgrids.

  • Formal Methods and Reachability Analysis.

  • Software-Defined Smart Grid.

  • Power System Dynamics, Electromagnetic Transients, and Stability.

Zhang Labs:

  • Microgrid & Networked Microgrids Lab: Suffolk Hall 118

  • AI-Grid Lab: Light Engineering 150


To Prospective students in 2025

Power Lab welcomes new PhD students and postdoc researchers in 2025. Please email me your cv and sample papers if interested.

Link to PhD Application: PhD Application Portal
The focus of recruitment in 2025 will still be AI and quantum technologies. I am considering students from Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Applied Mathematics for the positions.

My lab always welcomes postdocs and Ph.D. students good at power system/microgrid transients, dynamics, and stability (with software platform architecturing and programming experiences), computer networking (e.g., analysis and coding with OpenFlow switches) and/or cybersecurity (e.g., network security and applied cryptography). See positions available and email me if you are interested and qualified. In your email, please describe how you meet our position requirements for PhDs or postdocs.

Office hours:

Tue. 2:00pm–3:30pm Light Engineering 229


Light Engineering Building, Room 229
Stony Brook University, New York, 11794-2350
Office: (631) 632-8409
Stony Brook Email:

A physical law must possess mathematical beauty.
--Paul Dirac