ESE 586: Microgrids

Course description

Advanced modeling, control, resilience and security technologies useful for the grid modernization from a unique angle of microgrid design, analysis and operation.
Smart inverters, microgrid architectures, distributed energy resources modeling, microgrid hierachical control, microgrid stability, fault management, resilient microgrids through programmable networks, reliable networked microgrids, and cybersecurity.


Undergraduate courses in circuits and power systems, or consent of instructor.

Location and Time

Frey Hall 316
Thursday 4:00-6:50 pm

Ten Lectures on Microgrids (Download Notes on Blackboard)

Topic 1: Introduction (1 week)

- Power systems resilience
- The concept of microgrids

Topic 2: Microgrid Modelling and Control (4 weeks)

- Distributed energy resources (DERs) modelling I: PV system and inverter structures
- Distributed energy resources (DERs) modelling II: Microturbine generator, storage and other DERs
- Centralized control, hierarchical control, distributed control

Topic 3: Enhanced Microgrid Power Flow (2 weeks)

- Distribution and microgrid power flow I: Distributon load flow, BFS for radial systems, BFS for AC microgrids
- Distribution and microgrid power flow II: Newton power flow and Implicite Zbus Gauss power flow
- Reachable power flow

Topic 4: Cybersecurity in Microgrids (1 week)

Topic 5: Stability Analysis and Control of Microgrids (2 weeks)

- Small signal analysis and modal analysis
- Delayed eigenvalue analysis
- Modeling and eigenanalysis of inverter-based microgrids
- Stability enhancement of inverter-based microgrids

Topic 6: Resilient Microgrids through Software Defined Networking (1 week)

- Part I: Resilient microgrid through programmable metwork
- Part II: Resilient networked microgrid through programmable metwork

Topic 7: Active Fault Management for Networked Microgrids (1 week)

Topic 8: DC Microgrids (1 week)

Topic 9: Formal Analysis of Microgrids and Networked Microgrids(1 week)

Topic 10: Future Perspectives (2 weeks)

- Stategric directions
- Data-driven microgrid analysis
- MTDC applications
- Future trends in microgrid security

Evaluation Scheme

Homework Assignments 50%
Term Project 50%


Peng Zhang. Networked Microgrids. Cambridge University Press, 2021.


Sayan Mitra. Verifying Cyber-Physical Systems. The MIT Press, 2021.