ESE 576: Power System Dynamics

Course description

The course provides the background for understanding power system dynamics and numerical simulation techniques.
The main topics include the numerical integration for large scale power networks, numerical oscillation and its solution, power system component modeling, frequency-dependent transmission network, nonlinear elements, network equivalents, power network stability, simulation of power electronic inverters, and microgrid stability & control.
The area of real-time simulation for cyber-physical power infrastructures will also be discussed.


Undergraduate courses in circuits and power systems, or consent of instructor.

Location and Time

Thursday 5:30-8:20 pm

Ten Lectures on Power System Dynamics (Download Notes on Blackboard)

Topic 1: Time domain solution of power system dynamics (1 week)

- Power system simulation
- Numerical integration rules for the discretization of power system components
- Switching operations

Topic 2: Wave propagation in power lines (1 week)

- Wave propagation in lines with losses and frequency-dependent parameters
- Lightning strike analysis
- Bergeron-Dommel model

Topic 3: Accurate modeling of frequency-dependent power line (1 week)

- JMarti model
- Coupled multiconductor transmission line modelling
- Eigenvalue/eigenvector analysis

Topic 4: Numerical discretization techniques (1 week)

- Time-step size and frequency bandwidth
- Numerical stability and numerical oscillations
- Critical damping adjustment technique

Topic 5: Rotating machines dynamics (1 week)

- Synchronous machine modeling
- Induction machine modeling
- Droop control for generators

Topic 6: Large power system solutions (1 week)

- Sparsity techniques
- Network partitioning techniques
- Multi-Area Thevenin Equivalents

Topic 7: Power electronic devices and systems (2 weeks)

- Power electronic converters and switching devices
- Grid-forming inverter modeling
- Dicrete event-driven simulation

Topic 8: Hardware-in-the-loop simulation of power system dynamics (1 week)

- Real-time simulation of power systems
- Co-simulation of real-time simulators

Topic 9: Microgrid dynamics simulations (2 weeks)

- Average value modeling of voltage source converters
- Microgrid stability, synchronization and operations

Topic 10: Emerging topics (1 week)

- Shifted frequency analysis of power system dynamics
- Power system dynamics under uncertainties and disturbances
- Cyberattack modeling, identification and mitigation

Evaluation Scheme

Homework Assignments 60% or 70%
Term Project 40% or 30%


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