2009 Advanced Research Workshop

Future Trends in Microelectronics: Unmapped Roads
June 14-19, 2009:  Sardinia, Italy

Continuing the tradition started in 1995, our Workshop aims to provide forum for a free-spirited exchange of views among the leading professionals in Industry, Academia, and Government
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History: download  FTM-I   (Bendor, 1995)
download  FTM-II  (Embiez, 1998)
download  FTM-III (Bendor, 2001)
download  FTM-IV  (Corsica, 2003)
download  FTM-V   (Crete, 2006)
Scope: download  Philosophy & Topics
Rules and Format: download  Format
Agenda: download  Program
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Workshop is by invitation only
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Feb 15  abstract (but asap is requested)
Mar  1  register (but asap is suggested)
Mar  1  abstract ("really")
Aug  1  manuscript ("firm")
Sep  1  manuscript ("really")
How to get there: download  Travel Information
How to reach attendees during the workshop: download  Contact during the workshop
Optional sailboat excursion, Wed June 17:
download  Sailboat Excursion
Publication: [ INSTRUCTIONS ]
(manuscript by the end of August)
download  Sample article (.doc)
download  Suggested figures style (.doc)
download  Wiley contributor agreement (.doc)
Past publications
Future Trends in Microelectronics:
Up the Nano Creek (2007)
The Nano, the Giga, and the Ultra
The Nano Millennium (2002)
The Road Ahead (1999)
Reflections on the Road to Nanotechnology (1996)
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