Publication (by Wiley-Interscience)
Future Trends in Microelectronics: The Nano Millennium
Contributor DEADLINE: August 15, 2001
Editors: Serge Luryi, Jimmy Xu and Alex Zaslavsky

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Proceedings of the Workshop will include paper versions of both oral presentations and posters - on equal footing. Elements of panel discussions may be also included. Please peruse Proceedings of the 1998 ARW, published by Wiley [ISBN 0-471-32183-4]. Our publication is intended as more than conference proceedings,  it is rather a collective treatise on the Future of Microelectronics

The publication   has been once again agreed upon with Wiley Interscience. We shall edit all manuscripts to ensure identical format. Therefore, the authors are asked to produce as close a version to the camera-ready as possible, but the ultimate camera-ready manuscript will be produced by Editors in collaboration with Wiley publishers. There will be two types of contribution, the "long" and the "short" (no "importance" value is associated with the two categories, merely a decision between the author and the editor). The long article should be about 10-12 pages and the short should be about 6-8 pages. At the meeting the prospective authors will receive a Wiley copyright agreement to sign. The length of the intended contribution should be negotiated with the Editors at the meeting. Articles going beyond the specified limits will be ruthlessly edited down to size!

The deadline   of August 15 is a serious matter. In our experience, there is at least 50% probability that any particular article needs re-wording and/or additional input from the author. We shall strive for delivering the manuscript to Wiley by the end of October which will then give us a chance for 2001 publication date. The only thing that may put a monkey wrench in these plans is tardiness of some authors which this particular admonition aims at eliminating! Please be prompt!

Samples of the contributions   can be downloaded here:  LONG.doc and SHORT.doc. These samples have been taken from the 1998 Wiley Publication. Papers must be submitted in MS Word format ONLY. The samples in Word may take some time to download, so beware! You may use these Word files as templates. Again, ONLY MSWord files with embedded images are acceptable. Still, if necessary you may arrange with the Editors some special treatment, like scanning of original photographs, etc.

Further updates  will appear here as the book develops. Stay tuned!

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