ESE 670: Research Topics in EE/CE (Fall)

(Graduate course)

Instructor: Dr. A. Doboli

Credits: 3 credits

Description: The course is a research-level graduate course on decentralized, distributed decision making for networks of computing systems (agents). The discussed decision making methods include constraint satisfaction, optimization and game-theoretic approaches. Such methods are important in applications in which centralized control and decision making is not feasible, performance efficient or reliable, and hence decentralized techniques must be used. Decentralized, distributed decision making is important for many modern and emerging applications, including networked embedded sensing systems (sensor networks), adaptive computer networks, intelligent computing systems, and various other applications from social and economic domains.     


Textbook: no textbook is required. Research papers will be provided in class.

Reference: Y. Shoham, K. Leyton-Brown, “Multiagent Systems. Algorithmic, Game-Theoretic and Logical Foundations”, Cambridge University Press, 2009.


Discussed Topics:

1.      Distributed Constraint Satisfaction

2.      Distributed optimization

3.      Noncooperative game theory. Games in normal form.

4.      Computing solution concepts of normal-form games

5.      Games with sequential actions

6.      Repeated games, stochastic games, Bayesian games, congestion games.

7.      Protocols for strategic agents

8.      Protocols for multiagent resource allocation

9.      Teams of selfish agents. Coalitional games.

10.  Logics of knowledge and belief.


Course work: 2 reports + 1 presentation

Grading: 35% first report + 35% second report + 30% presentation