ESE Elective1 Math or Science Elective3 ESE Elective1 ESE Elective1 ESE224 C++ Prog. ESE Elective1 ESE 301 Eng. Ethics ESE300 Tech. Comm. ESE324 Elec. Lab. C ESE319 Electromagnetics ESE231 Sem. Dev. AMS261 Calculus III Technical Elective2 Technical Elective2 ESE441 Senior Des. II ESE440 Senior Des. I ESE380 Embedded Micro. ESE337 Dig. Sig. Proc. ESE306 Rand. Sig. Sys. ESE305 Sig. & Sys. ESE314 Elec. Lab. B ESE218 Dig. Des. ESE124 C Programming ESE123 Intro to ECE AMS361 Calculus IV AMS210 Linear Alg. ESE372 Electronics ESE211 Elec. Lab. A ESE271 Circuits PHY 131/133 Physics I PHY 132/134 Physics II AMS 161 Calculus II AMS 151 Calculus I

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